Monday, February 3, 2014

2014: january in review

launched the new blog / had a giveaway / shared a few currently's 1 2 3 / made some goals for the year and january / started a new feature - saturday devotions / shared my 27 before 28 goals

how did my january goals work out?
  1. Have at least 25 granny squares completed (I'm writing a CHALLENGE post soon.) (epic fail, but not all is lost!)
  2. $15 in my new savings account (another challenge)
  3. Read 2 books (my goal on goodreads is 24 books). I actually accomplished my goal of 13 last year! (read one -almost done w/ book #2)
  4. Send "happy mail" to some close friends. (yeah, this didn't happen either)

1 out of 4? that's not too great! but again, i'm not worried. i still completed a lot of stuff this month. february will have a different focus! how did your january go? i'd love to hear about it!

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