Sunday, January 12, 2014

2014: Goals

i shared my my jan goals a few days ago. it's a good read. i promise.
ok, maybe just to me. but it could be the push you need to write yours.

i've been waiting for the perfect time to share my goals and the process i used to prepare for 2014.

i used the process called #2014goalsetting by lara casey shared on her beautiful blog. have you visited her space? here's a link. i'll wait.

she shared a six part series about vision casting and everything. she even has #powersheets, which mine just came in the mail to keep the vision going.

there are 6 parts with many steps: i'll not bore you with all the particulars but with my goals, my songs, my #olw or one little word (i combined ali edwards and lara casey's philosophy on having a word for 2014), and my vision for 2014!

vision -
i will not be silent
say "yes" when He asks
not be afraid of the unknown
and FOCUS on what matters
let creativity flow
songs -
"oceans" by hillsong united
"i surrender" by hillsong
"best day of my life" by american authors
word - 
goals - 
stop procrastinating and do the things i love
spend time daily with Jesus
read the bible in a year
grow and cultivate "simply lauren"
take the time to learn
take the time to create
take time to read
prepare myself for marriage (i see an upcoming blog post)
not waste money
save $
continue to purge

i know i'll expand on all of these topics throughout the year. and share with you my growth. i'm working on a master list of projects i need/want to work on. i will also share you some recent book hauls. i can't stop buying books. it's an addiction. no, seriously. along with sugar, magazines, and starbucks coffee. none of them i need, just want.

do you have a vision for 2014? do you set goals? if you could choose one word for 2014, what would it be? what's does your 2014 soundtrack sound like? 
if you want to see my pinterest board that will inspire my vision, click here.
if you want to check out my 2104 songs on spotify, click here.
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