Monday, March 31, 2014

currently v6

watching: scandal - it's getting quite, you know, scandalous. gilmore girls - i'm starting from the beginning again, i haven't seen the last two seasons, so don't giveaway what happens. i'm currently on season 2.

reading: why has my reading fallen off of the face of the earth? it's time to renew my love for reading!

listening: have you heard the acoustic version of oceans? it is my favorite! my favorite magazine, had a stripped down version! i'm gonna record this version, just saying!

wishing: that april becomes the month i really strive towards my goals!

thinking: slowing down and simplifying.

loving: mason jars. i bought a case and use them all the time. may they never go out of style.

praying: for simplicity

what are you "currently" doing? 
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Thursday, March 6, 2014

rambles, races, and reality

we all write these scripts of our daily lives. to-do lists of all our dreams and goals. saddened by the end of the day of all our wasted time spent on what, we can't even remember.

then it hits us. if i plan a little bit longer and try a little bit harder, i will accomplish my goals.

the cycle continues until you've abandoned everything. you've traded in your schedule for another evening lounging watching tv. all those well thought out plans slip into oblivion, the only reminder left is the scribbling in your planner from weeks before, reminding you of failure.

i can't be the only one. i know i'm not.

back in january i posted a mini-post on instagram about keeping up with the Jones'. forget the Jones'. my life has revolved around them. my bank account, or lack there of is dwindled down each month trying to find something to help me fill the void failure has left. the pile of books left untouched. the list of books itching to be bought. the tabs on my iphone kept, to remind me of all that "they" have and accomplished.

slowing down. taking a step back, realizing i've had the same goals for almost ten years and i'm not accomplishing them. life is funny in that respect. it's like a race that has no end, and we're allowed to take as many breaks as possible. if there's no end, then what's the point.

what's the point? the point is start a race that has an end or you'll be forever failing at a race that never ends.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

2014: february in review

no instagram pictures this month... didn't take many.
how did february fly by so fast??

how did my february goals go?
let's recap:

  1. start running again - i did, it's not as consistent but i at least ran 5-6 times and have started strong in MARCH!
  2. use my camera more - i'm currently working on a nicole's workshop class that i'll have time to finish after my work exam
  3. read 2 books (i got halfway to my goal - i finally finished the catcher in the rye)
  4. have $45 in my house of rose challenge - i promise to blog on this soon!
february's goals were a lot better than january's. how did your february go? did you accomplish everything you wanted to?

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

2014: March Goals

My march goals are simple.

  1. lose 5 lbs
  2. finish at least one book
  3. pass my test
  4. start creating again

Monday, March 3, 2014

currently v5


Reading: a million little ways by emily freeman - i had started reading this back in the fall of last year, for whatever reason, i've just not been interested in reading... :(
Watching: Sons of Anarchy, The Best Man, and The Best Man Holiday
Listening: the radio... and of course Relevant Podcast
Wishing: for a good week
Thinking: about all the studying i have to do this week
Praying: for less of me and MORE OF HIM
Loving: This past weekend - the weather and the moments.
What are you CURRENTLY doing?
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