Tuesday, December 31, 2013


welcome to Simply Lauren!

i’m glad you’ve stopped by.

this blog is about me. and what i like to do. essentially that was what my old blog was about, but it never quite felt like home. this is my new home. i will share all aspects of my life. this a lifestyle blog.

this blog isn't a brag fest, but a letter to you. there will be laughs, tears, shocks, and blah's.

i don't want this blog to just focus on me and what i do, but i want the people who read this to feel like they're involved in this space.

this blog is a work in progress. but i couldn’t keep it to myself anymore.

there will be a lot of things rolling out. but i wanted to share with you all my new corner in the world.

i'd also like to share with you a giveaway.

a Rafflecopter giveaway just two mandatory things - say hi and like the blog on facebook!
1. introduce yourself, tell me how you found the blog and where you're from.
2. like the blog on facebook
3. the giveaway will go from Jan 1st - Jan 11th 11:59
there are plenty of chances to win, and you can tweet every day about it!

i'm so glad you're here! and happy new year!