about me

hi i’m lauren.

i’m 27 and i’m single.

i love jesus with my whole heart.

i love… (in no particular order)
spending time with the Creator. developing my singing voice. discussing silly things with silly people. writing in all lower-case. cold cheeks from an autumn day. sips of hot chocolate while curled up on the couch. discovering new movies where the characters come alive. getting lost in a book and having to physically pull myself away. spending time creating - be it music, writing, crocheting, sewing, and many other things. preparing a dessert that makes people smile. writing little notes to friends near and far, old and new. looking nice and keeping up with my pinterest fashion board. making lists of things that are never crossed off. and many more things...

i’m an east coast girl by birth, a midwest girl by heart, and a west coast girl by location.

i have goals and dreams. this is my space to share.

please don’t be shy. this isn’t only my space, but yours.

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