Monday, March 31, 2014

currently v6

watching: scandal - it's getting quite, you know, scandalous. gilmore girls - i'm starting from the beginning again, i haven't seen the last two seasons, so don't giveaway what happens. i'm currently on season 2.

reading: why has my reading fallen off of the face of the earth? it's time to renew my love for reading!

listening: have you heard the acoustic version of oceans? it is my favorite! my favorite magazine, had a stripped down version! i'm gonna record this version, just saying!

wishing: that april becomes the month i really strive towards my goals!

thinking: slowing down and simplifying.

loving: mason jars. i bought a case and use them all the time. may they never go out of style.

praying: for simplicity

what are you "currently" doing? 
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  1. Lauren! Its Chigozirim checking out your blogitude. Hope all is well. Have been looking for a whole thing of Mason Jars on sale myself.

    1. Hey girl! didn't realize you had written on here! Did you every find your mason jars??

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