Saturday, January 11, 2014

2014: January Goals

I spent a lot of prayer and time coming up with goals for 2014. I will share them this weekend.  Today I'm linking up with one of my top ten favorite bloggers! (I'll share my list soon!) Hayley Morgan from THE TINY TWIG. She is a woman of God and inspirational blogger.

She posted earlier this month about goals and how it's not about striving. That's so good! I'm definitely a striver. I strive at everything I do, but I've become burned out in so many areas! My list isn't like lists of the past. Where I write 10 things and not even accomplish any of them...

  1. Have at least 25 granny squares completed (I'm writing a CHALLENGE post soon.) 
  2. $15 in my new savings account (another challenge)
  3. Read 2 books (my goal on goodreads is 24 books). I actually accomplished my goal of 13 last year!
  4. Send "happy mail" to some close friends.
Do you set goals each month? What are your January goals? I'd love to hear from you! 
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  1. I love this blog post! At the end of last year the Lord told me about setting realistic goals and do it monthly instead of what I was doing. My goal this month is to read 4+ books, know 100 Korean words, and communicate with those who support me. I feel that this is quite do able. I know I will probably have more goals by the end of the month but I haven't gotten them from the Lord yet. Haha. Happy Blogging TWIN~!