Tuesday, July 1, 2014

july goals and other things

Work has been busy. Hard. But I can't complain. I have a job and am provided for.
Life has been busy. Hard. But I can't complain. I live in a country that allows me to worship my Jesus.
Church has been busy. Hard. But I can't complain. I love my church.

There are many things that are making my life miserable, but I don't really have control over those things, so I can't get upset.

I went on vacation (now two weeks ago). It was nice. It was the break I needed.
Re-started my fitness journey, you can read about it here.

Here are my July goals:

  1. Contentment Challenge - Kate Monroe's blog challenges readers to live without. She says give up what's taking over.
    1. I'm giving up shopping! I order so much stuff online it's ridiculous! Let's see how much I can save in July, August, and September.
    2. Of course I have 3 exceptions:
      1. Food and any other bills that are directly taking out of my account.
      2. Anything to do with my new Lia Sophia business! (I'm selling jewelry, I'll share more soon!)
      3. Any supplements - see #2 on the list, or She Reads Truth - see #3
  2. LiveFit - I shared on my fitness blog that I'm starting a new fitness plan via bodybuilding.com (great website by the way). It's 12 weeks long with 3 phases. The first phase is 4 weeks long - thus Phase 1 is on my goal list! Each month I'll need to order supplements. I ordered my first batch, and they taste great!
  3. She Reads Truth - I've been slacking w/ my Jesus time. I need to catch up on all missed reading plans and work on the current Sermon on the Mount Series! Besides the supplements, which I need, I'm allowing myself to spend money on these studies, because they have been beneficial - and the app comes out soon which I'm so excited about. Day 2 starts on July 2nd for the Sermon on the Mount - I'm starting it then. Join us!
  4. Read 2 books - Insurgent and Allegiant (easypeasy lemon squeezy)
Do you have any July goals? What are they?

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  1. Love your July goals and I am so excited you're doing the contentment challenge with me! The Jamie Eason stuff is awesome, she has some great recipes too! I'll be cheering you on!