Tuesday, June 10, 2014

hello, are you out there?

I'm back! Life has been so busy. But it's turning around - and I have some big news for you!

I'm starting an online advice blog!

I've already purchased the domain name! It's launching on the first day of summer. just working on all the wonderful content

Most of my time in the blogging world has been spent on working on the new layout! I'm pretty excited to share it!

Some other new things in my life:

  • new work schedule - this new schedule will give me time in the afternoons to work on my writing and blogging
  • I've currently been leading a small group at my church
  • I finally got a new windshield  - rock chips in Arizona (inevitable)
  • new ipad mini!
  • going on vacation soon
What's new with you? 

1 comment :

  1. ¤Girl living with us since end of January moved across the street
    ¤VBS is this week
    ¤I am sleepy
    ¤miss you